Recipe: Chocolate and pizza – a match made in heaven!

Berry Nutella Pizza

Is chocolate your One True Love? Can’t resist a freshly baked pizza? Then this recipe is for you! Our Berry Nutella Pizza is a bestseller. If you can’t wait until your next trip to The Llama Tree Pizzeria, now’s your chance to give your favourite dessert pizza a go at home!!

The Berry Nutella Pizza is delicious… I will be telling everyone I know about this, I just can’t get enough! Tripadvisor – Feb 2017


Ingredients – makes four dough balls (they freeze well!)

  • 450g strong Italian flour
  • 250ml cold water
  • 70g leven (natural yeast)
  • 8g salt
  • 5ml olive oil
  • Jar of Nutella
  • Frozen forest fruits
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Icing sugar to finish


Put the flour into a large bowl, make a well and pour in 3/4 of the water and bring together with a wooden spoon until you have a soft, fairly wet dough. Leave to stand for 30 minutes. Knead in the yeast, salt and the remaining water for 15 minutes. Add the oil and knead for a further 5 minutes.

Cover with a damp tea towel or cling film and set aside, leaving the dough to rise for 30 minutes.

Heat your oven to 240c/fan 220c/gas 8.

Give the dough a quick knead and split into four equal balls.

Take one of the balls and roll out or hand stretch until thin. Carefully transfer onto a floured baking sheet and part bake for 5 minutes until the top looks golden brown.

Smother the base with a thick layer of Nutella using the back of a spoon and scatter with frozen forest fruits.

Top with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream (or two!) and dust with icing sugar.

Enjoy whilst warm and gooey!! This dessert pizza is perfect for family gatherings, parties or just a Saturday night in…. Let us know what you think of our recipe, and be sure to snap a photograph of your creation! Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we’ll always share our favourites.

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